Special Features

Jazz Studies Online aims to broaden thinking about jazz. We have selected a wide range of digital resources - journal articles, book chapters, magazines, teaching materials, talks, internet links, and performances - to represent the diversity and innovation in jazz studies. Some of the themes explored here are the impact of jazz on modern art, on cultural and social struggles, and on any field of human interaction that may involve improvisation.

  • Information on Jazz Records

    Jazz history resonates in jazz recordings. Jazz Studies Online staff is working on a project that will provide rich, reliable data on recordings that can help unlock and elucidate the stories they can tell about jazz. J-DISC will be a fully searchable online database with editing and commentary by noted jazz scholars. It will take full advantage of digital communications tools and methods to transcend the limits of current discographic sources and preserve, enhance, and provide access to discographic data for study and research.

  • The Jazz Review

    Founded by Nat Hentoff, Martin Williams, and Hsio Wen Shih in New York in 1958, The Jazz Review was the premier journal of jazz in the United States. Short-lived as it was (1958-1961), it set an enduring standard for criticism.