Reference Materials

JSO Reference Materials offers bibliographies, discographies, filmographies, and other research tools for jazz scholars.

  • Sara Villa, an Italian native whose work deals with jazz and literature, has provided JSO with this reference guide of writings and sources on jazz written Italian. The balance of these materials are on jazz in and of Italy. This bibliography was officially revised and approved by Francesco Martinelli, Head of the Centro Nazionale Studi Sul Jazz Arrigo Polillo in Siena, Italy, where most of these materials may be found.

  • Brazilian Popular Music History and Performance Practice
    Professor Cliff Korman


    Appleby, David P. The Music of Brazil (Austin, TX: University of Texas Press,1983)

    Cancado, Tania Mara Lopes. An Investigation of West African and Haitian Rhythms on the Development of Syncopation in Cuban Habanera, Brazilian Tango/Choro, and American Ragtime, 1791-1900 (unpublished doctoral thesis, Shenandoah University, 1999)