Jazz In and Out of South Africa

In South Africa, jazz is both popular and a vehicle for popular resistance. Jazz performance was well established there by the 1930s, and the local version influenced jazz around the world, especially in the 1960s and afterward. In the postwar era, jazz musicians waged a cultural battle against the apartheid regime's ethnic policies. Gwen Ansell was Columbia's Louis Armstrong Visiting Professorship in Spring 2008, a position made possible by generous support from the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation. Ms. Ansell, who hails from England and lives in South Africa, gave or hosted a series of lectures and performances on South African jazz, collected here: her lecture "You Think You Know Me: Jazz Broadcasting Under Apartheid"; "You Can't Listen Alone: On The Sociality of Listening in a Vernacular South African Jazz World" [Jazz in South African Social Clubs] featuring the work of Professor Brett Pyper; and "A Home Within" featuring singer/composer Sathima Bea Benjamin.