The Jazz Review, Vol.1, No.2 (Dec. 1958)

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Table of Contents: 

Du Cote de Chez Basie by Andre Hodeir 6

An Afternoon with Miles Davis by Nat Hentoff 9

Extended Improvisation and Form: Some Solutions by Martin Williams 13

All Too Soon by Stanley Dance 16

My Story by Buddy Tate as told to Frank Driggs 18

The Negro Church: Its Influence on Modern Jazz. Rhythm, part 2, by Mimi Clar 21

The Cuban Sexteto by Roger Pryor Dodge 24

On Big Bill Broonzy and the Blues by Studs Terkel 28

The Blues 29

Reviews: Recordings
Red Allen by Larry Gushee 30
Louis Armstrong by Martin Williams 30
Dave Brubeck by Julian Adderley 32
Billy Eckstine by Mimi Clar 33
W. C. Handy-James P. Johnson by Dick Welstood 34
Mary Ann McCall by Glenn Coulter 35
Jackie McLean by Bill Crow 35
Jelly Roll Morton by Guy Waterman 35
Fats Navarro by Bill Crow 38
Willie "the Lion " Smith by Guy Waterman 39
Muggsy Spanier by Larry Gushee 40
Benny Carter by Julian Adderley 42
Ragtime by Guy Waterman 42
Reconsiderations 2 by Edwy B. Lee 43

Reviews: Books
Count Basie and his Orchestra by Hsio Wen Shih 44

Jazz In Print by Nat Hentoff 45

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