The Jazz Review, Vol.2, No.1 (Jan.1959)

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Table of Contents: 

Erroll Garner by Mimi Clar 6
Garvin Bushell and New York Jazz in the 1920s by Nat Hentoff 11
Katz and Jammers by the Staff 14

The School of Jazz: Faculty views
by Jimmy Guiffre 16
by Bob Brookbemer 16
The School of Jazz: Student Views
by Tupper Saussy 17
by M. Arif Mardin 17

German Radio: Jazz as Public Service by Joachim E. Berendt 20
The Negro Church: Its influence on Modern Jazz, melody by Mimi Clar 22
Monterey Jazz Festival 1958 by Dick Hadlock 26

Reviews: Recordings
Cecil Taylor by Gunther Schuller 28
Ray Charles by Mimi Clar 32
Ray Charles and Harry Belafonte by Joe Goldberg 32
John Coltrane by Cecil Taylor 34
Miles Davis by Benny Golson 34
Duke Ellington by Mimi Clark 35
Jimmy Lunceford and Billy May by Bill Russo 35
Sonny Rollins by Benny Golson 36
Clark Terry by Glenn Coulter 37
Jean Thielmans by Bob Wilbur 38
Gospel Singing by Mimi Clar 38
The Drinkard Singers, Anita O'Day, June Christy, Chris Connor,
Mel Torme, and Jackie Paris by Glenn Coulter 39
Reconsiderations 3 (King Pleasure and Annie Ross) by Hsio Wen Shih 42
The Blues 43

Reviews: Books
Rex Harris and Brian Rust, Recorded Jazz, a Critical Guide
John S. Wilson, The Collector's Jazz, Traditional and Swing
by Rudi Blesh/by T. P. Hoffman 44

Jazz in Print by Nat Hentoff 46

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