The Jazz Review, Vol. 4, No.1 (Jan.1961)

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Table of Contents: 

4 One More Time: The Travels of Count Basie
Nat Hentoff

10 Charlie Parker. A Biography in Interviews
Bob Reisner

12 Dizzy on Charlie Parker
Felix Manskleid

14 Budd Johnson, Part II
Frank Driggs

19 Miles Davis by Jack Cooke
21 Pete Fountain by Michael James
Tubby Hayes by Michael James
22 The Jazz Modes by Henry Woodfin
Pete Johnson by Dan Morgenstern
Lee Konitz by Herb Pilhofer
23 Harold Land by Harvey Pekar
Furry Lewis by Dick Weisman
24 Shelly Manne by Harvey Pekar
Red Prysock-Sil Austin by Harvey Pekar
25 Kid Ory-Red Allen by Martin Williams
Max Roach by Henry Woodfin
26 Rex Stewart by H. A. Woodfin
Art Tatum by Harvey Pekar
Jack Teagarden by Martin Williams
27 Ben Webster by H. A. Woodfin
28 Teddy Wilson and Earl Hines by Martin Williams
29 Blind Lemon Jefferson and Ma Rainey by J. S. Shipman
30 Newport All Stars by H. A. Woodfin
Saxes, Inc. by Herb Pilhofer
The Rocking Fifties by LeRoi Jones
31 Shorter Reviews by I. W. Stone and Max Harrison

33 Jazz In Print by Hsio Wen Shih

35 The Book of Negro Folklore and The Idiom of the People by Mimi Clar
36 Martin Williams' King Joe Oliver by J. S. Shipman
37 Jazz on British Radio t Television by David Griffiths

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