The Jazz Review, Vol. 3, No. 6 (July 1960)

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Table of Contents: 

6 Scanning the History of Jazz
Louis Armstrong

10 A Debate on Lee Konitz
Max Harrison and Michael James

13 Notes on Tristano
Harvey Pekar

15 The Blues

16 The Symposium
Joe Goldberg

18 Eddie Barefield's Story
Frank Driggs

22 Spirituals to Swing by Martin Williams
24 Duke Ellington-Johnny Hodges by Dan Morgenstern
25 Bill Evans by David Lahm
26 Andy Gibson-Mainstream Sextet by Peter Turley
Jimmy Giuffre, Herb Ellis by Don Heckman
27 Dr. Edmond Souchon by J. S. Shipman
28 Art Tatum by Martin Williams
Wilbur Harden-John Coltrane by Zita Carno
29 Hard bop records by Don Heckman
30 The Country Blues by Paul Oliver
31 Sick Comics by Don Phelps
32 Shorter Reviews
by H. A. Woodfin, Don Heckman and Paul Oliver

36 Peter Gammond's Duke Ellington by H. A. Woodfin
Arnold Shaw's Belafonte by Frederick Conn

37 Jazz in Print by Martin Williams

40 The Word Jazz by Alan P. Merriam and Fradley H. Garner

42 Concert Review by Martin Williams

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