The Jazz Review, Vol. 3, No. 5 (June 1960)

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6 Ornette Coleman and Tonality
George Russell and Martin Williams

11 The Midnight Special; a Who's Who
Mack McCormack

16 Introducing Eric Dolphy
Martin Williams

18 Lambert-Hendricks-Ross by Mimi Clar
19 Lambert-Hendricks-Ross by Max Harrison and Joe Goldberg
20 Cannonball Adderley by LeRoi Jones
20 Louis Armstrong-Oscar Peterson by H. A. Woodfin
21 Berkelee School of Music by Don Heckman
22 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers by Michael James
Don Byas by Harvey Pekar
Al Haig by Max Harrison
24 Barry Harris by H. A. Woodfin
25 Lightning Hopkins by Chris Strachwitz
Bunk Johnson-Lu Watters by J. S. Shipman
25 Stan Kenton by Mimi Clar
26 Thelonious Monk by Gunther Schuller
27 Wes Montgomery by Louis Levy
28 Brother John Sellers by Chris Strachwitz
Bud Shank-Laudindo Almeida by Robert Farris Thompson
Al Smith-Lockjaw Davis by Stanley Dance
Cecil Taylor by Larry Gushee
29 Folk Song Festival by Paul Oliver
30 Shorter Reviews by H. A. Woodfin

32 Nat Hentoff and Albert McCarthey's Jazz by Sheldon Meyer
Down Beat Jazz Record Reviews, Vol. IV by Hsio Wen Shih
34 Samuel B. Charters' The Country Blues by Dick Hadlock

35 Jazz on a Summer's Day by Dick Katz

36 Second Annual Collegiate Jazz Festival by John William Hardy

40 The Word Jazz, Part III by Fradley H. Garner and Alan P. Merriam

41 Duke Ellington on Transcriptions by I. L. Jacobs

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