The Jazz Review, Vol. 3, No. 4 (May 1960)

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6 King Oliver; a Very Personal Memoir
Edmond Souchon, M.D.

12 Paying Dues; the Education of a Combo Leader
Julian Cannonball Adderley

16 The Blues

17 Farewell to Jazz
Ray Ellsworth

19 Introducing the Jazztet
Hsio Wen Shih


22 John Coltrane by Mait Edey
23 LaVern Baker by J. S. Shipman
25 Bill Evans by Max Harrison
24 Art Farmer by Don Heckman; Curtis Fuller by Ronald Atkins
25 Billie Holiday by Bill Crow; John Lee Hooker by Dick Weissman and Paul Oliver;
Quincy Jones by Don Heckman
27 John Lewis by Don Heckman
28 Blue Mitchell by Chuck Israels; The Modern Jazz Quartet by I. W. Stone;
Kid Ory by J. S. Shipman
29 Howard Rumsey by Don Heckman
30 George Shearing by Mimi Clar;Stuff Smith by Chuck Israels; Cal Tjader by Chuck Israels
31 Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster by Stanley Dance
32 Chris Connors, Dakota Staton and Annie Ross by Mimi Clar
33 Shorter Reviews by Martin Williams

34 The Baby Dodds Story by Bill Crow Just Jazz 3 by H. A. Woodfin
35 The Jazz Word by Joe Goldberg

37 The Gene Krupa Story by Jack H. Batten

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