The Jazz Review, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Jan.1960)

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Table of Contents: 

6 Art Blakey
by Zita Carno

11 Conversations with Buster Smith
by Don Gazzaway

15 Lightnin' Hopkins: Blues
By Mack McCormack

18 Early Duke
by Gunther Schuller

23 Julian Adderley by Max Harrison
23 Sidney Bechet by Bob Wilbur
24 Ray Bryant by Mait Edey
24 Benny Carter by Max Harrison
25 Jimmy Cleveland by H. A. Woodfin
25 Chris Connor by Max Harrison
26 Stan Getz by Martin Williams
26 Buck Hammer by Mait Edey
27 Harry James by Don Heckman
27 Dick Katz by Mait Edey
28 Lee Konitz-Jimmy Guiffre by Don Heckman
29 George Lewis by H. A. Woodfin
29 Thelonious Monk by David Lahm
30 Oscar Peterson by Max Harrison
30 Dizzy Reece by Michael James
30 Sarah Vaughan by Martin Williams
31 Ben Webster by Harvey Pekar
32 Boogie Woogie piano by Mait Edey
33 Reconsideration: Duke Jordon by H. A. Woodfin

34 Duke Ellington Discography by Louis Levy
34 Miles Davis Discography by Ira Gitler
35 The Collector's Jazz: Modern by Michael James
37 Jazz in Print by Nat Hentoff
39 Jazz Dance-Mambo Dance by Roger Pryor Dodge

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