The Jazz Review, Vol. 2, No.10 (Nov.1959)

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Table of Contents: 

6 Don Redman, Composer-Arranger
as told to Frank Driggs

13 The Style of John Coltrane, Part 2
by Zita Carno

18 Muddy Waters
by Alexis Korner

22 Introducing Wayne Shorter
by Le Roi Jones

25 The Blues

26 Creole Echoes, Part 2
by Ernest Borneman

28 Dizzy Gillespie by Max Harrison
31 Cannonball Adderley by Zita Carno
32 Ruby Braff by Art Farmer
32 Jonh Benson Brooks by Don Heckman
33 Ray Brown by Bill Crow
34 Kenny Burrell by H. A. Woodfin
34 Harry Edison by Maitland Edey
35 Duke Ellington by Max Harrison
36 Benny Golson by Art Farmer
36 Billie Holiday by Maitland Edey
37 The Mastersounds by Maitland Edey
38 Stuff Smith by Maitland Edey
38 Jimmy and Mama Yancey by Charles Payne Rogers
39 Brandeis Jazz Concert by Don Heckman
40 Birdland by Mimi Clar
41 Jazz Soul of Porgy and Bess by Don Heckman
42 Downbeat Concert by H. A. Woodfin
43 Seven Ages of Jazz by Martin Williams
44 Rockin' Together by Glen Coulter 
44 Primitive Piano and the Yanceys by Guy Waterman
44 Brownie McGhee and Blues in the Mississippi Night
45 Elizabeth Cotten by Mimi Clar
46 The Dixie Hummingbirds by Mimi Clar 
48 Tambourines to Glory by J. S. Shipman

50 Porgy and Bess by Le Roi Jones


52 Whitney Balliett's THE SOUND OF SURPRISE by Max Harrison
53 Leonard Feather's JAZZ by Bill Crow
54 Down Beat Jazz Record Reviews, Vol. 3 by Maher Publications
55 Jazz in Print by Nat Hentoff
59 Jazz Dance/Mambo Dance by Roger Pryor Dodge
64 Jazz Books in America 1935-55 by Sheldon Meyer
66 Reconsiderations/Fats Navarro by Harvey Pekar

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