The Jazz Review, Vol. 2, No. 8 (Sept. 1959)

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6   Lester: Paris, 1959

by Francois Postif

10   Lester Young on Records

by Erik Weidemann

13   Creole Echoes

by Ernest Borneman

16   Starting a Big Band

by Quincy Jones

18    Inner and Outer Jazz

by Sidney Finkelstein

22    Introducing Steve Lacy

by Steve Lacy

26   Conversations with James P. Johnson

by Tom Davin


28 The Art Tatum-Ben Webster Quartet - The Art Tatum-Buddy De Franco Quartet - Tatum-Carter-Bellson Trio by Dick Katz

30 The Jazz Story as told by Steve Allen by Martin Williams

31 Cat Anderson by Frank Driggs

32 Donald Byrd by Bob Freedman

32 Benny Carter by Frank Driggs

32 Champion Jack Dupree by J. S. Shipman

34 Coleman Hawkins, Budd Johnson and Rex Stewart by H. A. Woodfin

35 Rex Stewart-Cootie Williams-Lawrence Brown by Martin Williams

35 King Oliver by Martin Williams

36 Claude Thornhill by Max Harrison


38 Sam Charters' Jazz, New Orleans 1885-1957 by Paul Oliver

42 JAZZ IN PRINT by Nat Hentoff

45 RECONSIDERATIONS: Roy Eldridge by H. A. Woodfin


47 A Proposal for Newport by Bob Rolontz

48 Indiana Renaissance by Gunther Schuller

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