New Monastery: Monk and the Jazz Avant-Garde


Kelly argues that Thelonious Monk's popular success, along with the emergence of free jazz in the 1960s, changed the terms of critical reception for the previously misunderstood composer and pianist. Conservative critics, and some liberal ones, suddenly embraced Monk as a foil against the free jazz rebellion, while defenders of the avant-garde often sought to claim Monk as one of their own-though these younger musicians sometimes challenged Monk's musical conceptions.

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Albert Ayler, Amiri Baraka, Archie Shepp, avant-garde, Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, David Amram, Don Cherry, Eric Dolphy, John Cage, John Coltrane, Larry Rivers, LeRoi Jones, Ornette Coleman, Randy Weston, Shadow Wilson, Sun Ra, Thelonious Monk, Wilbur Ware