Creative Music Studio: CMS History (Part I)

Creative Music Studio

Creative Music Studio was founded in 1971 by Karl Berger, a vibraphonist, pianist and composer; his wife, vocalist Ingrid Sertso; and the saxophonist Ornette Coleman. Its musicians came from astonishingly diverse national, generational, and stylistic backgrounds. Yet they came together to play, think, and live music. CMS practice shaped musical ways and ideas that inspired participants to go on to become leading lights in improvised music around the world in the ensuing years. Hundreds of live recordings were produced documenting what was performed there.

This panel on the origins and history of CMS comprised Mr. Berger, Ms. Sertso, their colleague and co-founder Ilene Marder, and saxophonist and alumnus Don Davis. It was moderated by jazz journalist and educator Howard Mandel. The panel was part of a full-day symposium on the history and impact of CMS at Columbia University on April 16, 2011. Click here for Part II.

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