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Society for American Music

The mission of The Society for American Music is to stimulate the appreciation, performance, creation and study of American music in all its diversity, and the full range of activities and institutions associated with that music. Web site offers a listserv, a student forum, and information about conferences, awards, and publications (Journal of the Society of American Music, SAM Newsletter).

Louis Armstrong House

The Louis Armstrong House is a national historic landmark in New York City landmark that holds archival works related to the career of Louis Armstrong; serves as a reference source for information about Louis Armstrong; and presents public programs, such as concerts and lectures, that preserve and promote the cultural legacy of Louis Armstrong. Funding for the Louis Armstrong House Museum is provided by the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation.

Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors

The Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors, Inc. is a nonprofit, all-volunteer jazz support organization, dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Kansas City jazz and developing and promoting the current Kansas City jazz scene. Web site provides information about events, festivals, and concerts; information for volunteers; a newsletter; and material from Jazz Ambassadors Magazine (JAM).

KC Jazz

An all-around resource on Kansas City, based on the city's historic contribution to jazz and current jazz community.

Charleston Jazz Initiative

The Charleston Jazz Initiative (CJI) is a multi-year research project
that documents the African American jazz tradition in Charleston, the
South Carolina Lowcountry, and its diasporic movement throughout the
United States and Europe from the late 19th century through today.


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